> Welcome to your opportunity to build your right resume for that job.


Instructions  Google trans; 

> An audio presentation with text, both outside & inside:

+ In sections - 1 outside & 9 inside.

+ Body of each section’s webpage ? summarizes the talk.

+ 9 section documents (.pdf) detail the talks - to be downloaded.

+ 2 resume Model and Power Words & Action Verbs documents provided.

+ 25 full-pages of text - reviewed later when writing & editing, or during the talk.

+ Talks: Outside - 12 minutes; Inside - an hour and a half. ?


> You write your resume because:

+ This is a one-way conversation, and

+ You would first have to tell many details about yourself.


+ You know About yourself.

+ But, not How to build your resume !


> Presentation based on many years of experience teaching about resumes and in reviewing resumes - teaching at a volunteer organization, reviewing resumes at organization and at state & private job fairs.


> At job fairs, most reviewers took up half of the 15 - 25 minutes getting to know that person first, then did “word-smithing” about wording & phrasing of their generalized resume and then a little on the structure & reasoning behind the resume.


> My reviewing was different, concentrating on the purpose, focus, types, structure and reasoning behind the resume - the what, why, when, which, where and how to build your resume. It included:

+ Reviewing 2-4 persons at a time.

+ Resume comments often illustrated ideas being presented.

+ Stories, asides & notes were added to explain ideas from general to specific.

+ Chronological & Functional Resume Model documents were available.

+ Phrasing & wording has one whole section - how to organize the phrasing & wording; what to include; how to say it; what not to include; and what the wording should accomplish.


> Only the basics and a few details could be covered in a resume review. But all can be covered in this presentation.


> Different types of resumes are described, but mostly the 2 common types used in the U. S., the Chronological & Functional resumes. Most ideas given apply to all types. Model documents of both types are provided showing the structure and specifics for each part.

> A respected friend reviewed resumes at companies where he worked and is a website designer. He knows what could be presented and believed it was complete, unique and very useful. He suggested this service, and here it is.


> What’s inside ?  It’s the what, why, when, which, where and how to build your resume. It suggests how you make decisions to determine the type, general structure and its parts including specific phrasing & wording. Such things as:

+ What is the main purpose of a resume?

+ Why is the top 1/3 of the resume so important?

+ When is a specific resume better than a generalized one?

+ Which of the 2 basic resume formats should I use?

+ Where should I put accomplishments?

+ How might I show a relevant experience more than 15 years old?


  • What 5 crucial items does the first reviewer look for in only 10 to 20 seconds?

+ Why could a data base of your life’s experiences help you write your resume?

+ When would your community service make the difference in getting the job?

  • Which to included: continuing education, &/or military &/or community service?

+ Where should I focus in my resume?

+ How could a 2-sentence resume work?


> The 9 section titles within are: The Service & Types of Resumes; About Resumes; The Look; The Contact Information; Position, Requirements & 3 Options; The Chronological Resume; The Functional Resume; The Writing; Education, Military & Community Services, & The End.


> If these questions, section topics and unusual ideas perk your interest, and you are ready to invest in building the right resume for that job, you are invited to come inside.


> The cost to enter & use this service is $75. You may re-enter without more cost at any time. The price is like a dinner out for two. The idea about the 4-ways a company hires is worth the cost of this service alone !


> This service is needed as long as resumes are needed.


Notice:  If you live in another country but seek to move to the U.S., or to work for a U.S. company with offices in another country, you will find this presentation very beneficial because of the Chronological or Functional resumes needed and featured herein.